How Does Properla Paint Reduce Heat Loss?

Heat loss is an expensive problem for homeowners. When heat escapes through the floor, roof or walls, the energy bills increase and the comfort level of the home decrease.

You will most likely be aware of insulation for the attic or loft, along with cavity wall insulation already, but you may not be aware of treatment for bricks and tiles and how highly effective they are for reducing heat loss and energy bills.

How does Properla Paint reduce heat loss? Let's find out....

Repels Water & Leaves Masonry Dry

As it is hydrophobic, the paint stops water from penetrating the surface when applied. The water repellent nature of the product improves the thermal resistance in the wall.
Water is unable to seep in, but will form little beads on the surface instead, which means the wall doesn’t take as long to heat, it doesn’t encourage heat loss, and it prevents damage from frost, whilst simultaneously inhibiting the growth of mould and mildew.

Allows Your Home to Breathe

Air and moisture needs to pass through to keep the home in good condition and the air quality high.
With Properla Paint, the masonry is insulated but the property can still breathe perfectly. The thermal conductivity is significantly improved, helping to stop heat loss, and save you money on energy bills.

Keeps Masonry Clean

Dirt can reduce the kerb appeal of a property, and  in some cases, even cause damage to the masonry.

The self-cleaning, hydrophobic nature of the product prevents dirt particles from attaching, keeping the masonry clean-even when exploded to salty air, or particularly unpleasant elements.

Premium Property Protection

Thermal insulation is a proven way of stopping heat loss. Insulation paint works by stopping heat transfer. The heat cannot leave the wall to the outside; instead, it is forced back into the room it’s trying to escape from!
As a result, the home is cheaper to heat and feels a lot more comfortable to reside in.

What’s more, the paint from Properla has a long-life span of between 15 and 20 years.

Investing in insulation paint for the external brick work of your property is a sensible move. You’ll enjoy a better quality of life thanks to the improved thermal insulation and air quality in the home.

The amount of energy you require to heat the home is reduced, saving you significant amounts on your heating bills over the years. This option is also cheaper that a lot of other external insulation choices that are available.

Your Next Step.....

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