Properla Facade Coating - From Promise To Practice

You may have heard all about the amazing insulation paint that stops heat loss and saves you money. Properla Façade Coating is a popular type of external wall insulation that uses the latest technology to protect your home and improve your life.

It’s coated onto the external bricks of your property, where it penetrates the masonry and starts working immediately, but does it really work?

Does Properla Façade Coating Really Work?

Properla Façade Coating claims to have multiple benefits. The benefits include:

  • Stops masonry from getting wet and retaining moisture
  • Increases the thermal efficiency of the property
  • Adds protection to your cavity wall insulation
  • Reduces heat loss through the walls
  • Keeps the masonry clean and protected from dirt damage
  • Lasts for up to 20 years
  • Allows the property to breathe

The good news is that Properla has been tested and certified to the industry standards, which means the claims it makes are backed up by certifications such as the EN ISO 15148:2002.

The promises made are genuine, and the certifications guarantee the results you will experience when using the product.

The Benefits of Using Properla Facade Coatings

Reduces Heat Loss Through the External Walls

Homes that lack insulation experience heat loss. The heat cannot be retained inside the home, which means the amount of energy required to create enough heat inside is a lot more than an insulated home. The heat is pumped in and it moves out.

To reduce the energy required the heat needs to be retained inside the space for longer. Properla Facade coating will stop the heat from escaping.

Drives Out Damp and Mould

Because Properla Facade coating is water repellent, water is unable to penetrate the brick work. The result of this is that the bricks are dry, and thus more energy and thermal efficient. Wet bricks let heat escape a lot faster, leaving the house cold and in turn this will mean higher energy bills!

As well as this, a wall treated with Properla will keep the bricks from getting damp and wet, as the water will roll off. So you can say goodbye to damp and mould too!

Detail of mold, dirt and water drops on the window

Simple Application

With Properla Facade Coating, the application process is extremely simple.
The paint is sprayed onto the external walls of the property.

The paint is visible during application, useful for ensuring full coverage. As soon as the paint is applied it begins to penetrate the brick, settling down into the masonry. Within 20 minutes the paint work is invisible, and the external walls of the property are insulated.

Long-Lasting Protection

After the application is complete the external walls will be insulated for up to 20 years!

You won’t need to reapply each year; and your home will be insulated and continue to repel water and dirt for years to come.

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