ProPERLA Wall Coatings - Verified by the Energy Saving Trust

ProPERLA Masonry Crème and ProPERLA Facade Coating – have been verified by the Energy Saving Trust under their Product Verification Service.

Their in-depth verification process reviewed a range of evidence including independent laboratory tests, European Certifications and our manufacturing and quality control procedures and concluded that there is sufficient evidence to support the claim that coating the exterior walls of properties with one of ProPERLA's range of super-hydrophobic wall coatings will result in improved thermal performance, enabling homeowers to benefit from reduced heating bills.

The Energy Saving Trust is a leading and trusted organisation here in the UK introduced to help people save energy. They work with industry experts, liaise with householders and undertake pioneering world-renowned research to provide an independent and respected verification service so that consumers, householders and industry professionals searching for energy efficient products can trust the energy claims made by a product or service.

This provides customers with additional confidence in the integrity of our products and further enhances our reputation for providing a simple, cost effective and minimally disruptive way of improving the thermal performance of their property. Coating a property with PropPERLA products provides savings on heating bills and thereby contributes to the lowering of carbon emissions.

The link below will take you to the EST website and ProPERLA product listings.