What Are the Main ProPERLA Products, and Which One is for Me?

Advanced Specialist Coatings has a range of ProPERLA products designed for external use, all boasting some great advantages to achieving a better protected property exterior.

The leading three products are masonry crème, façade coating, and water repellent......

Masonry Crème

High-quality clear coating designed for use on exterior substrate surfaces, designed to create an invisible layer of insulation. Research has shown that the crème can reduce the speed of thermal heat loss by a staggering 76.83%!!

This provides exceptionally heightened retention of heat inside a property, and it can also boast an assurance of breathability and self-cleaning properties.

After application, water will find it incredibly hard to stick to the surface of the wall.

With the masonry crème coating, discolouration is prevented, and moss and algae growth on the walls will be seriously reduced.

Façade Coating

This is your answer to a coloured finish for your property, as opposed to the clear finish that masonry crème offers, and is available in a fabulous range of popular pastel shades.

The coating is also highly breathable and self-cleaning. Water vapour and air will still be able to escape from a property, but water entry will be drastically lowered.

The product is super hydrophobic, which you’ll notice by the beading of water when it lands on any surface coated with façade coating.

This helps with self-cleaning, as the dirt and grime that would normally infest brickwork, will be washed away as soon as it starts to rain.

Water Repellent

Used to prevent water absorption in mineral surfaces, including concrete and slate, the perfect protection for your roof in particular.

The benefits extend to breathability, and again, the same self-cleaning advantages as the other ProPERLA products.