Advanced Roof Coating Systems

Protect the Roof Over Your Head

Here at Advanced Specialist Coatings, our premium roof coating system is designed to protect domestic roofs across the UK.
By applying a RENOTEC coating, this protects the roof from all weather elements which could otherwise cause ongoing maintenance problems.
Looking after your roof should be a top priority, so by adding an extra layer of protection this will save you money on repairs and ensure your roof is durable all year round.
Our expert team are on hand to improve the quality of your home today, with affordable coatings that are a cheaper option than replacing your whole roof.
Get on board with our effective roof coating, and find out how it can make a difference to your home.

Why Roof Coating?

Is your roof over 15 years old? Is there unsightly moss and lichen growth? Has the protective surface been worn away? Does your roof need re-pointing?

If the answer is "Yes", then roof coating is for you!

Key Features

  • Extends the life span of the roof tiles
  • Improves the appearance of the roof
  • Could help to increase the property value
  • Rebuilds the original surface protection
  • Fast installation
  • Great savings - a much cheaper alternative to re-roofing
  • Real alternative to costly total roof replacement

High Performance Roof Repair Coating

Our unique roof coating and treatment technology makes roofs self-cleaning, extremely water repellent, and minimizes long-term surface erosion.

Formulated to protect domestic tiled roofs from the adverse effects of long-term exposure to throughout the year, from sun and wind to frost and rain, our waterproof roof coating will continue to provide protection for more than 10 years after application, making it one of the best performing roof coating systems on the market.

Compared to the cost of other coatings, or of re-tiling your entire roof, our roof coating system represents superb value for money.


As you can see, we have an excellent selection of coating colours for you to choose from.
Get in touch to arrange an appointment with one of our experts, who will talk you through the full range of options available for your property, and provide you with a FREE, NO OBLIGATION QUOTATION.

The Roof Coating Process


Prior to work commencing, our installation team will carry out a full risk assessment. This includes identifying any repairs that need doing, and any tiles that need replacing. We can then start cleaning your roof.
Your existing tiles will be cleaned thoroughly using our specialist high pressure cleaning equipment. All traces of moss, algae, lichen and surface dirt is removed by washing away the top layer of tile.
We then clean the surrounding area of any debris.


We will replace any broken, chipped or cracked tiles, and repoint as appropriate.

This is included in the price, even if there are up to 100 tiles to replace, so please don't worry about any hidden costs!


Next we spray the roof with biocide. This kills the moss, algae, lichen and mould, therefore preventing regrowth under the new coating.
The biocide is applied using a low pressure lance, which ensures that all the tiles are fully treated.


Once the roof has dried, we apply two coats of a unique micro-porous coating. This is applied using an airless spray system and is available in a range of colours which completely transform the appearance of your roof and property.
The coating also makes the roof completely waterproof, and reduces the chances of the growth of moss, algae and lichen for years to come.



Our Renotec Roof Coating comes complete with a 10 YEAR MANUFACTURERS GUARANTEE and are is covered by our UNIQUE 5 YEAR SERVICE AGREEMENT


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